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Muscle Building – 5 Tips to Build Muscles

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We all watch movies, and we all like Brad Pitt. We even like Sylvester Stallone, and the list can go on and on. There is one thing they all have in common, and that thing is, an impressive physique. The Greek god physique is something most of the youngsters are ready to die for these days, which is making many people a good amount of money, and the supplement industry being on top of that list. On a serious not, it is not hard to build muscles, but it surely requires dedication and determination. Without wasting any more of our time, let me reveal to you 5 very useful tips which will definitely help you in building strong and impressive muscles

1) Start Working Out: : Well this might not sound very pleasant to many couch potatoes out there but this is the very first and the very basic step. To be a little more technical, our body adapts to which ever conditions we keep it in, once you start weight training, your body will sense a requirement of more muscle mass to lift those weights and gradually you will see that your muscles are getting bigger and you are becoming stronger. One thing I must emphasize on, and that is, always workout under the supervision of a qualified fitness trainer.

2) Eat Healthy: When you start working out, your body will require more fuel and clean fuel. Fuel here means food, and clean food means healthy food. If you are a junk food lover then I am sorry to tell you that you will have to drastically cut down your junk food consumption. If you can completely avoid junk food, that would be better than anything else. There are various healthy food which are also known as Muscle Building Foods. Some of these muscle building foods are Oatmeal, Tuna, Peanut Butter, Banana, Eggs, Milk, Beef, Chicken, Cottage Cheese, Whey Protein etc.

3) Rest: Now if you h

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ave started working out, that does not mean you will exercise all 7 days a week. Your body requires time to recover, and while that recovery takes place you get stronger and your muscles are recovered with more strength and more mass. So take a day off in between, go out with your friends, socialize.

4)Supplements: Well using supplements is totally up to you, it is not a mandatory thing, but sometimes supplements become a requirement in case your diet lacks sufficient nutrients or if you are too busy with your work that you often skip meals. The very basic supplements which are personal favorites of many are whey protein, glutmine and creatine. Honestly, you don't need anything else apart from these, all the various over hyped advertisements that you see are just a marketing trick to sell you something that you do not need. So just be careful when you buy supplements.

5) Sleep: Have you ever noticed, after a good night sleep you wake up in a good mood, feel refreshed and energetic? That is because when you sleep, your body starts with the repair work, it is only when you sleep is when your muscles will recover and grow. If you workout hard and spend all night watching a movie or chatting on the internet then I am afraid you will have to kiss your muscle building dreams goodbye.

Muscle building regime requires self discipline, dedication and determination. Sounds too much? Sad but true. If you really are willing to go for it, then just follow the tips given above and be sincere and you shall achieve what you want to achieve.

Hari Sadu is a fitness trainer and loves writing articles about health and fitness. Apart from health and fitness he also writes about closet organization systems and Pantry Organizer

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