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Muscle Building For Fat Loss

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You don't have to become a body builder to utilize muscle building for fat loss. Not everyone wants to end up looking like Arnold Swarzenegger in the 1977 documentary film 'Pumping Iron'! But adding muscle actually helps your body burn fat faster. Increasing the amount of muscle on your body also helps create a lean, toned appearance. You'll be stronger, more flexible and those muscles will help support other body structures like joints.

When practicing muscle building for fat loss, it is important to keep in mind that you might not lose weight as rapidly as you would with cardio exercise alone. This is because you will be replacing fatty tissue with muscle and muscle actually weighs more than fat (hence a BMI reading for extremely athletic people being inaccurate). However, as mentioned above, you will be burning fat more rapidly. Thankfully, overweight individuals will still experience weight loss. Whether you do weight training or not, your body fat percentage will dramatically reduce, and your hips, thighs and waist will become smaller.

When you decide to incorporate muscle building exercises to your daily schedule, start with a low amount of weight and a high number of repetitions. When you see bulky men in the gym lifting weights – they are building bulk. To build bulk you need a heavier weight, with fewer repetitions. Smaller weights with higher repetitions lead to long, lean muscle and an attractively toned appearance.

If you are using muscle building for fat loss, it is crucially important that you practice healthy eating habits. Doing a gym workout then going home and loading up on candy, cookies and chips is unhealthy and counter productive in

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the sense that it will undo the hard work you just did in the gym. You have to remember that it is easier to avoid gaining weight in the first place than it is to lose it once you have gained it.

Muscle building will also have many other healthy benefits. As your core muscles become stronger your posture will improve. Strain on joints will be reduced which has a significant effect on ease of movement and can even reduce discomfort in those who suffer from arthritis. Your energy levels will increase. And you will be able to do more cardiovascular exercise as your body is strengthened. It will also become easier to exercise as your strength increases.

You may experience significant muscle soreness when you first start incorporating muscle building for fat loss into your daily schedule. This can be reduced by stretching before and after your workout. If you have a gym membership, make use of the sauna and hot tub after your workout. If exercising at home a hot bath will relieve the muscular aches almost as well. In time your hard work will pay big dividends! Decreasing your body fat percentage will improve your overall health. You will be improving your posture, and building a stronger, healthier body. It's a proven fact – muscle building for fat loss works!

Julia Bell is a student of nutrition dedicated to helping people overcome obesity. Obesity is the number one health issue of the twenty first century. Learn how to live a healthier life by maintaining healthy weight and exercise habits through her weight loss blog.

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